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The Basics of Email Marketing

12 secrets to make your emailing profitable in 2019

Email Marketing is not just a matter of … emails. It is a real communication lever and a marketing tool that can make you big, if you use it wisely.

Email Marketing remains today the tool most used by marketing professionals because it is the most effective. To make their campaigns profitable and convert easily, these pros have very simple and yet devilishly effective tips.

We have listed 12 email marketing techniques that will allow you to boost the performance of your email marketing campaigns.

Use the pre-header

It is an element all too often unused in email marketing. The pre-header is the very first sentence of your email. Most of the time, it is only used for the mention “Display this email in my browser”.

However, the pre-header can help you increase your opening rates. How? ‘Or’ What ? The pre-header actually serves as an overview for many inboxes.

Gmail indeed displays this first sentence affixed to the subject of emails. Outlook meanwhile opens a small window at the bottom of the recipient’s screen with a preview of the email that has just been received and even allows its instant deletion … if this preview does not make you want to read more!

Preheader in Gmail
Preheader in Gmail
Preheader in Outlook
Preheader in Outlook

On mobile, same thing. Emails are (almost) always displayed with their pre-header in the inbox. And with 20 to 50% of emails read on mobile today, it is better not to leave this data aside.

In short, this simple sentence participates in the initiation or not of the opening by the recipient. Take this opportunity to complete your subject and make your contacts even more eager to open your emails.

Do not hesitate to make a nice long sentence, because Gmail displays a lot of characters in the pre-header.

Preheader preview character limit
Preheader preview character limit

However, put your keywords in there at the very beginning because the mailboxes on mobile display much less.

Mobile Preheader preview
Mobile Preheader preview

Make your email understandable without the images

Many email services do not display images of emails by default. It is often necessary to click on a “Display images” button to correctly view a received email. It is a form of security.

In all, around 77% of professionals in France receive emails without the images. And half of them delete the email in question because of this problem.

It is therefore PRI-MOR-DIAL to create an email that can be understood and read without the images being displayed.

To do this, start by avoiding at all costs the “all image”. That is to say, you must ban emails containing only images. Admittedly, this gives free rein to creation and stylization, but you can be sure that the majority of your recipients will not see anything.

The main information, hooks and action buttons must absolutely be integrated into text in your email to be seen by the greatest number. Remember that you must respect a text / image ratio of around 40% images – 60% text to avoid the SPAM box.

Finally, place ALT attributes on your images, in case they don’t appear. The ALT attributes allow you to display text instead of images that are not displayed: a good way to save furniture if nothing is displayed at the recipient’s.

Bonus: did you know that it is possible to style an ALT attribute? You can indeed choose a font, a color, a size and a style (italic, bold, underlined) to your tags by modifying the HTML code of your email. Include the following code in the tag of your images:

alt =  “ yourdescription “  style =  “ font-family: Arial; color: # 85d62d; font-style: italic; font-size: 25px; "

Modify the style information according to your preferences: your tags will be styled and therefore more visible.

Animate your email with GIFs

GIFs are files composed of a succession of images giving an animated image rotating in a loop.

It is possible to add GIFs in an emailing when it is created in HTML. The advantage is to be able for example to present products from several angles, to scroll through text banners, to add humorous illustrations to his words, etc.

It’s actually a different way of communicating. Many are reluctant to use it for fear that it will not be accepted on all messaging services or that it weighs too heavy.

Note that all mailboxes accept the GIF mail format without any problem except for the 2007 to 2013 versions of Outlook. These only display the first image that makes up the GIF.

Feel free to add cool GIFs to your emails and create your own on

Encourage click with a fake video player

Instinctively, the “Play” buttons make it very easy to click. This tip is not at all complicated, but it can boost clicks in an email and allow you to create traffic on your site. Email marketing is all about driving traffic.

If you have a video to promote, choose an image from that video and add a fake “Play” button to it. It will subconsciously make recipients want to click to play the video.

Video Play Button
Video Play Button

Include a link on this image redirecting to your website, where your video will be visible. But be careful not to try to deceive your contacts! If there is no video at the end of the link, they may feel betrayed and you will suffer from a negative image.

Create an account in all mailboxes

The idea is to be able to view and test your emails in as many mailboxes as possible. Because not all of them have the same properties for displaying emails and if by testing your campaign on Gmail you seem ok, it is possible that on hotmail, for example, the display may be destroyed!

So let’s go to create test accounts in the most used mailboxes: Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Orange, SFR, La Poste, Zimbra…

Also test the display from a mobile and ask your colleagues to also test if they have smartphones different from yours.

If you are afraid of not finding your way around with all these accounts, we invite you to use the routing platforms or emailing software, like Litmus, which includes Litmus pre-send testing . This site allows you to preview your email with or without images in major ISPs.

Check the Spam Score of your emails

The “Spam Score” is an assessment of your probability of arriving in the inbox … or not. The higher it is, the more you risk landing in SPAM.

Many factors influence this score: the words used in the content of the email, the weight of the objects, the text / images ratio, the reputation of the sending server, the quality of the contact list, etc. But how do you know if will your email arrive at the recipient?

Unfortunately, there is no sure way to find out. The rules for spam filters change from one ISP to another, from one mailbox to another and also change over time. We invite you to get in touch with a deliverability expert to fully understand all the workings.

On the other hand, certain tools make it possible to estimate the quality of the email, its content and to gauge the reliability of the sending servers. We quote, for example the famous Mail Tester designed for email marketing. This free tool assigns a score out of 10 to your email. It also gives you ways to improve its deliverability: content, authentication, email format, server blacklisting, link reliability, etc.

Customize the sender name

To boost your openings, you must gain the trust of your recipients and be identifiable. A first solution is to personalize the name of the sender. Indicate the first name of the one who sends the email as a sender rather than your company.

This will make your campaigns much more human. Over time, your recipients will eventually get used to seeing the same first name associated with your campaigns and assimilate it to your business.

You can also complete this personalization with the sender address: indicate the name of a service and use a personalized domain name.

Customize the object

It is no longer a secret for anyone, hyper personalization is the future of marketing and especially email marketing.

Having a clean, qualified base is the first step to moving towards personal marketing. This allows in particular to personalize the subject of his emails with the first or last name of the recipient.

It has been widely demonstrated that adding the first name of each recipient to the subject significantly increases the opening rates because it gives the impression that the email is personally addressed to them.

Subject line Personalization with First name
Subject line Personalization with First name

Personalization can be done with any data found in the database. Civility, age, geolocation … Test, and you will see!

Suggest a working reply address

Completed “no reply” addresses. Let’s stop considering email marketing as a distribution of flyers. It is a communication and exchange tool.

How can you tell the recipient of an email “Please do not reply to this email”. It is sort of breaking a link between him and your company.

On the contrary, offer him in the content to answer your email for any question and you will strengthen your relationship and your image.

In addition, the prospect may have an important question, the answer to which will influence their decision whether to become your customer or not. If he does not have time to call and he cannot answer your requests, this is a potential lost customer!


Split-tests or “A / B Tests” must really become one of your best allies. The principle is to send two versions of your email or your subject to two representative groups of your recipient base in order to know which is the best option.

This is how it works: version A of your email is sent to group A, version B to group B. You define how much of your database you want to test the email and also choose how long.

A/B testing campaign
A/B testing campaign

You can choose to radically modify the content of each version, or modify only the object.

The opening and click data are accumulated and at the end of the time allowed, your emailing solution tells you which version has worked best.

Not all email marketing solutions are capable of performing this type of test. However, it is an extremely powerful tool which makes it possible not to be mistaken during the sending and to improve its emailing strategy permanently. You can use the Easy Sendy emailing solution to perform this type of testing.

Harnessing the Power of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation, is the fact of programming marketing scenarios according to the behavior of its customers or prospects.

For example, it is very easy to schedule follow-up emails following the abandonment of a basket on e-commerce site by a potential customer.

You can also schedule a birthday email that will automatically be sent on the correct day to each of your contacts. And the scenarios are numerous!

Automating marketing processes is a great way to save time, generate sales and avoid losing customers as much as possible.

But automation solutions are often very cumbersome, complex and expensive. As a result, we recommend, a young innovative solution which allows automation to be done inexpensively and very intuitively. Very practical for e-merchants!


Make it simple and effective

What works today are simplistic emails, quick to read, whose content is condensed, summarized, which contains action buttons (call-to-actions) clearly visible.

Basically, a working email includes: a pre-header, a hook, a visual, an action button, a profit reminder, a signature and a footer.

Newsletter format
Newsletter format

It is very schematic, but it is a way of showing you that the more you get to the point, the more your recipients will be encouraged to read your entire email and therefore click.

Because yes, the main objective of email marketing is to make them click on your famous call-to-action and land it on your website. Simplicity is the best way to do this.

Also be very explicit about the reason for your email. From the subject line, the prospect must know what is going on and he must not feel frustrated by opening it with content that has nothing to do with it. If your email is well targeted, no need to play the suspense card.

Thank you for reading!

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