Recommended Size for YouTube Thumbnail and How to Create the Perfect Thumbnail in 2021

size for youtube thumbnail
Size for youtube thumbnail

Recommended Size for YouTube Thumbnail

Introduction: What is a YouTube thumbnail and why do I need one?

A YouTube thumbnail is a graphic that represents the video you are trying to promote. The thumbnail needs to be eye-catching and relevant in order to attract more attention. The right thumbnail will help your video gain more views, increase engagement, and rank higher on search engines.

How to Measure Thumbnails and What makes a Good Thumbnail?

YouTubers are always looking for the right size for YouTube thumbnail and this article helps compare them.

The recommended widths of YouTube thumbnails are:

– 468 x 60 (standard)

– 728 x 90 (wide)

– 170 x 90 (square)

– 88 x 88 (tiny square)

How to Create the Perfect Thumbnail for YouTube Video

YouTube is a powerful platform for video marketing, but not all videos are created equal. One of the most important aspects of a video’s marketing is the thumbnail image. A clear and compelling thumbnail can generate excitement and drive views, while a vague or unappealing thumbnail can discourage viewers from watching.

It’s important to have a thumbnail that provides an accurate representation of the video, catches attention. Here is, how to Create the Perfect Thumbnail for YouTube using Free YouTube Thumbnail generator

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