Everything About Web Hosting:

Tips & advice on how to pick a web hosting provider. Articles by Free Hosting Tips.

What is the definition of web hosting?

Website Hosting is a special service offered by a hosting provider which involves storing website files on a web server (a special hard drive) which has a continuous connection to the internet. The files are made available for access from any point of the world provided there is an active internet connection and valid software to access the data via the World Wide Web (i.e. through a browser or perhaps an FTP program).

I need web space for my site! Which hosting to choose?

Is this the question that you need an answer to? If this is the case then you have landed on the right page. Below, we have listed our best articles that will help you understand web hosting services and select the one that is best for you.

Website Hosting Tips and Advice:

1. How to choose web hosting - In this article we will answer the most common questions related to selecting a hosting provider. Make sure to follow through all of the listed key points to avoid signing up with a bad webhost.

2. Web hosting types - Read and learn about different types of website hosting services. This page will help you decide which webhost fits your requirements best.

3. cPanel - Control Panel used for managing your hosting related issues through a GUI. A brief overview of cPanel and it's functionalities.

4. How a web server works - Web servers play an important role in storing the information that is available on the internet. Learn about web servers and how they work by reading this in depth article.