Web Hosting Types:

Different types of web hosting explained. By FreeHostingTips

What kind of hosting services are there?

Whatever your website needs, there is most definitely a hosting type that will suit even the highest requirements. In the list below, we have pointed out the most common types of hosting plans and described their positive and negative sides.

Web Hosting Service

Select the desired web hosting service:

1. Free Web Hosting - This article analyzes the positive and negative sides to free website hosting. Carefully read through our tips before deciding to invest your time and efforts in a free host.

2. Cheap Web Hosting - a.k.a shared hosting is the cheapest and simplest web hosting choice for webmasters who are just starting out in the online world or those who just need a very basic service for their personal website.

3. Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS hosting) - More complex and feature rich than shared hosting while at the same time significantly cheaper than dedicated hosting, VPS is great for small businesses.

4. Dedicated Server Web Hosting - A somewhat sophisticated and professional form of web hosting which gives you access to your very own web server that is completely yours to run and manage.

5. Reseller Hosting - Although technically this is not a hosting service, Reseller Web Hosting is a popular choice for those of you who are thinking of getting into the hosting business.

6. Colocation Hosting - A hosting service for the bigger companies. Colocation hosting offers the option to utilize your own personal server hardware at a co-location facility on the provirer's premises.

Select your hosting preference from the list above to become familiar with possible solutions the current hosting market has to offer. We tried making the articles as reader friendly as possible so you can avoid the hassle of browsing through many websites trying to understand something which is actually rather simple. You will soon realize that getting yourself a decent webhost is not hard at all.