cPanel the Hosting Control Panel:

What is cPanel and what is it used for. Written by FreeHostingTips

The cPanel is a very popular web based control panel that allows the user to manage web site hosting through a graphical user interface (GUI). Although cPanel provides functions for web server administrators, resellers and website owners (clients) we will only mention the benefits for the end-user, i.e. the webmaster of the site.

web hosting cPanel        cPanel

When someone buys web hosting from a provider then usually they provide personal access to the Control Panel which will be associated with the domain name/hosting account. The two preview pictures above illustrate a common cPanel user interface (i.e. this is something what you will see after signing up with a web host).

If you look at the various options this tool has to offer then you will most certainly find it to be relatively straightforward and easy to understand. This is why cPanel has become very popular amongst web masters, even those with little or no previous experience of managing their own web hosting. One can easily access the panel by using the login details provided by their host provider and it can be easily accessed through a typical web browser like Firefox or Microsoft IE.

Amongst many other things cPanel allows you to perform various operations such as:

  • Uploading/deleting your website files (for example the actual .html or .php pages, pictures, downloadable software etc).
  • Creating and managing associated e-mail accounts with extension.
  • Monitor website statistics such as disc space usage, bandwidth usage, visitor statistics etc.
  • Protecting website access with passwords and restricting access from particular sets of IP's.
  • Creating subdomains, redirecting domains, parking domains.
  • Creating and maintaining databases such as MySQL and phpMyAdmin.
  • And much much more...

Likewise, with the help of the Fantastico application, you can very easily install content management systems (CMS's) and blog applications such as Drupal, Joomla, Mambo, WordPress, Nucleus and b2evolution. It will also assist you in installing Site Builders and Forum software.

All in all, cPanel is a very versatile and user focused web-based interface that can be used effectively even by those with little web experience. This is why we would recommend beginners to learn and master using this control panel as soon as having signed up with a web host. Use the "File Manager" to upload the required files on your server, create a couple of email accounts to allow people to get in touch with you, start a blog and you are all set to conquer the online world. The lightwaight linux based cPanel will most certainly become your best friend in managing your hosting account as soon as you start working on your website.